College of Education

Evaluation in University Education

                 Evaluation in University Education, "Foundations and Aspirations"


Symposium Objectives


  • To emphasize the educational role of evaluation in the university education system، and its contribution to the development of the knowledge society.
  • To reveal the relationship between improving evaluation in university education and knowledge economy.
  • To activate the relationship between evaluation and the rest of the curriculum elements in terms of planning and implementation according to the standard levels.
  • To crystallize the main role of modern assessment in raising the output of education to the levels of global competitiveness.
  • To highlight the relationship between the quality of evaluation and the excellence of thinking skills and the quality of performance in all elements of the educational system.
  • Strengthening the role of scientific research in the development of evaluation in university education.


Symposium Topics

  • Evaluation of programs and plans in university education.
  • Evaluation of performance in university education.


Linking the Evaluation Symposium in University Education, "Foundations and Aspirations"