College of Education

Department Of Instuctional Technology



                Head of the Department of Educational Technologies

                                    Prof.Dr. Abdulhameed Rakan Alenezi



   The department of educational technology seeks to design, develop and use education techniques effectively and efficiently at all theoretical and applied levels, manage human interaction with the diverse learning resources, teaching materials, devices and machines used in education, follow up recent developments in the field of education technology, effective participation in research activities, community service at the local and global levels, and graduation of scientific and professional leaders who contribute to solving the problems of education and training methodically.



  The education technology department supports a rich learning environment through strategic planning for continuous evaluation and development of its academic programs, research activities and local community services. The department also emphasizes on ensures quality of performance by providing human resources and infrastructure in accordance with acceptable local and international standards. In addition, provide professional growth opportunities for its employees to enhance teaching and learning processes.



  • To develop awareness of the importance of teaching and learning technology and to link this to the development of performance and activate the roles of human resources leading to the development of societies.
  • Contribute to the development of solutions to many of the problems of general and university education in Saudi Arabia, which is due to the increase in the number of students in recent years, Such as the problem of students dropping out of the educational system and problem of lack of learning impact due to lack of use of modern techniques in teaching and learning
  • To keep abreast of the rapid global development in the field of education and information technology, and modern means of communication, thus facilitating the assimilation of contemporary developments in this field, and facilitating the processes of civilized communication among peoples
  • The trend towards "quality of university education", which can not be achieved in isolation from the development of curricula and programs of education using the applications of the science of education technology, as well as the development of teaching methods currently used
  • The current expansion of distance learning, which requires specialists in education technology and experts in the design of programmed educational materials, which are used in universities currently open.

Program Specification

Instuctional Technology program

Course Specification

- Instuctional Technology program

Members of the Department








Prof. Abdulhameed Rakan Alenezi

E-learning Systems

  Salim M.Alanazy Instructional Technology

Associate Professor


Zayed F. AlRuwaili

Instructional Technology

Assistant Professor


Ibrahim K. Al Alali

Instructional Technology

Assistant Professor


Abas Al Ganzowry

Instructional Technology

Assistant Professor


Haifa A. Albazie 

Instructional Technology