College of Education

Academic Counseling Unit


1. Develop students' talents and creativity.

2. Promote students' self-confidence and the importance of self-reliance.

3. Support positive behaviors, work on their development, and address negative  behaviors.

4. Assist students who have failed to study, to improve their academic situation.

5. Assisting students who have completed studies to maintain their academic status.

6. Provide advice on psychological and academic counselin


  1. Meeting academically challenged students.
  2. Meeting with students in the case of repeated absence in any of the semester's courses.
  3. Meeting with students in case of withdrawal from a course.
  4. Discuss how to activate academic guidance.
  5. Meeting with students receiving academic warning, due to low CGPA.


List of Unit Members


The name


Dr. Mahmoud Al-Saeed Badawi

Supervisor of the unit

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Gadelmawla


Dr. Farrag bin Mohammed al-Qarni


Dr. Tahira Hassan Abdullah

Coordinator of the unit in the female sections

Dr. Fatima Mustafa Sweilem

A member Dumat Al-Jandal