College of Education

Alumni Unit



1- Developing the skills and practical abilities of the graduates to suit the requirements of the labor market

2- Establish a database and information about the graduates of the college and the sectors related to the college's specializations and programs

3 - Communicate with the institutions of the community to coordinate with them on issues of employment and training for graduates

4- Providing graduates with the latest theoretical and practical concepts related to their specialties

5- Evaluating the level of graduates of the college after joining the labor market and determining the degree of satisfaction of civil society organizations about the quality of graduates of the college

6- Expanding partnerships with the employment and employment sectors to create suitable jobs for graduates




1- Preparing the graduate data form

2- Preparation of the work plan of the unit for each semester

3- Holding the forum of graduates annually to provide employment opportunities and solve the problems of graduates

4- Communicate and coordinate with the Graduate Follow-up Unit at the University's Agency for Educational Affairs

5- Conducting a field study and the use of various communication tools to contact employers and the extent of need for graduates of the College.


List of Unit Members


The name


Dr. Ala`a Sawalha

Supervisor of the unit

Dr. Jaber bin Manizel Alruwaili


Dr. Rabia Bint Hamoud Al Enezi