College of Arts and Sciences at Tabrjal

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Based on the High Education Council resolution number 10/5/1429 dated on 10/7/1429 H which stipulates restructuring of the college of Teachers Training and the College

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Vision, Mission and Objectives


The long-term vision of the college is to gain excellence and leadership in teaching and learning processes and to expand its academic research in different fields to meet the critical challenges of education in the 21st century.

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Provide academic programs and research projects of a comprehensive quality in the scientific and humanitarian fields .

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Future goals

  • The College should become a center for the development of scientific, cognitive and research creativity.

Current goals

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Dean's Message

 Dr. Mohamed Bin  Murdi Alhazeel 

In the name of Allah

The college started its academic programs in(1433-1434 H) to be one of the basic grounds in Jouf University. It has eight departments along with several supporting units which all together form this big academic institution with great vision, valuable mission, and clear objectives.


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