College of Education

Department of Early Childhood


                                                   Head of Early Childhood Department

                                                      Dr. Khaoula Khalifa Al Barjas



The Department of Kindergarten seeks to become a pioneer in the field of kindergartens to keep abreast of developments in the world.


Preparation of specialized of teachers, supervisors and managers in the field of kindergartens and nurseries and encourage scientific studies in the field of kindergartens.


1.Developing female students in the scientific and practical aspects to increase the chances of joining kindergarten.

 2.Developing and improving the educational process in the stage of kindergartens in order to make it a mandatory stage before entering the primary stage through the graduation of qualified educational staff.

3.Prepare students for suitable postgraduate studies and scientific research.

4.Enhancing  of religious concepts and linking them to practices and decisions of life and full dependence on the Islamic perspective in all issues related to education and children.

Study Plan

Early Childhood Program 

Members of the Department



Academic Rank



Rabyah Hamoud Alanazi

Assistant Professor

Early Childhood Education  
Asmaa Fathy Ayob

Assistant Professor

Psychological Health  
Nashwa Abdelhamid Younis

Assistant Professor

Education in kindergarten  
Fatma Moustafa Swailem Youssef

Assistant Professor

child psychology  
Tahra Hassan AbdallaAlamin

Assistant Professor

Educational Psychology  

Rasha Said

Ibrahim Mohameed

Assistant Professor

Education in kindergarten  
Abir Abdulkareem Alswailem

Master degree

Early years  
Zohor Sabar alblwy

Master degree

Talent and genius  
Hanan eid alsabila

Teaching assistant