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To access all labs and laboratories of the college to the highest level of scientific equipment through the development of the applied side in the educational and research process and to organize the use of technical and laboratory capabilities and expertise in the faculty to interact with the current and future needs of the university.

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1 - Achieving the vision and mission of the university to be in the ranks of international universities in all fields of education and research and scientific services.

2 - Provide the best and latest equipment for laboratories and laboratories in a typical manner meets the requirements of academic accreditation in coordination with the competent authorities.

3 - Work to provide security and safety for students and laboratory workers and laboratories.

4 - Preparation of a scientific study for the optimal use of laboratories and laboratories.

5 - Work on the level of student performance using modern technology and information technology in practical applications in laboratories and laboratories.

6 - Enabling students to benefit from the potential of laboratories and their equipment.

7 - to benefit from the experiences and views of similar bodies in this area.


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1 - Prepare the studies related to the needs of the faculty of laboratories and supporting devices and software in coordination with the scientific departments.

2 - Supervision of laboratory equipment in the college laboratory in coordination with the scientific sections.

3 - Follow-up companies in regard to the supply of scientific devices in coordination with the scientific sections.

4 - Follow up with the relevant authorities in relation to the maintenance and operation of scientific devices.

5. Follow up the establishment of the central labs in the college in coordination with the scientific departments.

6 - Work on the development plans for laboratories in the College in coordination with the scientific sections.

7. Supervise all laboratory data.

8. Preparation of periodic reports on laboratory and laboratory activities.

9 - Supervising the provision of human resources (technicians or workers) as much as possible according to the needs of laboratories and laboratories.

10. Periodic follow-up and inspection of laboratories and laboratories on a regular basis.


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Sections of the unit

1 - Department of insurance of laboratory supplies of chemicals and glass:Cleaning of consumables such as chemicals and glassware as well as scientific devices and specialized and accurate tools and checking the requests of materials chemicals and glassware from the departments and general supervision of the cooling rooms and recycling of chemicals and follow-up with the Standing Committee for the prevention of chemical pollution for the disposal of expired chemicals and empty chemical containers.

2 - Department of follow-up maintenance of scientific devices and infrastructure laboratories and laboratories:Follow-up faults in the laboratory equipment and coordination with the competent authorities for maintenance to repair the holidays, and provide spare parts needed and inventory and periodic inventory of all devices that have been maintained.

3 - Department of safety and safety in laboratories and laboratories:- Follow up the provision of laboratory and laboratory supplies (safety and hygiene).

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Safety and safety within laboratories and laboratories

Application of fire safety and safety procedures in the laboratory to include:

1 - Eye Wash Station. 

2. Fire blankets. 

3-First aid kit. 

4. Fire Extinguishers. 

5 - Ensure that there are no obstacles to: (exits, fire extinguishers, fire alarm box, emergency blankets, shower and eye wash). 

6. Ensure that emergency lighting is sufficient for the safety of laboratory and laboratory evacuation. 

7 - Ensure that all exits are free of obstacles and locks or tools that can be proven to prevent exit. 

8. Ensure that laboratory and laboratory rooms have direct access and are not obstructed by external corridors or any other outlet. 

9 - Ensure that all the doors leading to laboratories and laboratories marked with signs of the use of fireable materials within this area. 

10. Follow up the disposal of medical waste.

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Dr. Saleh Alhirsan



Assistant Prof

Female section coordinator

Dr. Hana Shahin



Assistant Prof


Dr.  Elyasa Mustafa Elfaki


Assistant Prof


Dr. Hasna Shaban





Mr. Ahmed Adam





Mr. Shakeel Ahmed




Ms. Halla Taj Elsir




Ms. Afnan Elayyan


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To achieve the vision of the university to be at the forefront of international universities in the prestigious educational and research fields by providing the latest equipment from the model laboratories that meet the requirements of academic accreditation.

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