About ICNTREE 2023 Conference

International Conference on New Trends in Renewable Energy and Environment for 2030 Vision (ICNTREE 2023)


January 29-31, 2023 in College of Science, Jouf University, Al-Jouf, Saudi Arabia


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Al-Jouf has been one of the most developed regions for a long time. This is due to the presence of archaeological and historical places that extend back thousands of years. It is also one of the promising places for significant tourism and economic activity in the future. Al-Jouf is a border area with Jordan, which adds more importance to it in terms of geographical location.



Mard Castle - Al-Jouf



Dumat Al-Jandal Lake


Al-Jouf region was known as the capital of renewable energy; It has Sakaka Solar Power Plant (Sakaka Solar Power Plant Project - Vision 2030) and Dumat Al Jandal Wind Farm. Such projects represent a practical implementation in real life of the "Saudi 2030" vision, which contributes to reaching the optimal energy mix, and Saudi Arabia's shift from consuming liquid fuels to gas and renewable energy that makes Saudi Arabia a milestone in the march of the energy sector. 


About ICNTREE 2023 Conference


The objectives of the International Conference on New Trends in Renewable Energy and Environment for 2030 Vision (ICNTREE 2023) are:


  • Defining research and application priorities in the field of renewable energy conversion and storage.
  • Determine the scientific and industrial trends in hydrogen fuel technologies.
  • Determining the chemical and environmental causes of common pollutants and their harmful effects on the environment, and the latest scientific recommendations to combat them.
  • Defining the applied research and the latest technologies for water treatment, analysis and purification.
  • Get the latest scientific trends for the recycling of environmental products.


ICNTREE 2023 conference will be a vibrant venue for scientists to debate and exchange cutting-edge research in the fields of renewable energy and the environment. The conference offers an unprecedented opportunity to explore technology innovation and meet nanotechnologists, researchers, academicians, industrialists, and experts in various fields.


   We look forward to welcoming you to this ICNTREE 2023 conference, as well as to the many fascinating presentations and conversations that will take place to exchange and enhance knowledge of nanotechnology in renewable energy and environmental applications.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


Energy Production and Storage:
  1. Development and Utilization of Solar Energy.
  2. Energy Materials, and Storage Technology.
  3. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell.
  4. Energy Security and Clean Use.
  5. Computational materials for energy harvesting and storage.
Environmental Studies and Water Treatment:
  1. Environmental Chemistry and Biology.
  2. Environmental Safety and Health.
  3. Pollution Control Project (Air, Water, Solid).
  4. Waste Disposal and Recycling.
  5. Computational Environmental Sciences.

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ICNTREE 2023 Conference Brochure

ICNTREE 2023 Conference Brochure