College of Medicine



Improve learning and knowledge of Physiology in an integrative manner in the Medical College. Focus on research activities directed to solve health problems related to the Saudi community.


To be a nationally & internationally recognized vital and responsive unit for all who seek excellence in learning & research that enhance health in the local & global community.  And also be the department of choice for students, staff and researchers who require advice on research in Physiology.


  • To describe the fundamental mechanisms underlying normal function of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems of the human body, commensurate with the requirements for a physician providing primary care to patients.
  • To provide the atmosphere and opportunities for students to become excellent doctors who are self-oriented, motivated and responsible citizens.
  • To produce a qualified physician, professionally and personally able to achieve a continuous self-learning, committed with his job principles and ethics, and have sufficient knowledge, committed to the medical problems in Aljouf region.
  • To disseminate current and relevant information via quality academic programs to provide quality and meaningful hands on experiences for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • To satisfy the scholarly expectations of the medical faculty as determined by appropriately designed and applied assessment methodologies, including but not limited to written examination performance.
  • To provide postgraduate training, short courses and workshops on new trends in medical physiology and its applied part.
  • To establish a research program that will be committed to generate new knowledge and understanding of complex physiological functions and to translate this knowledge for health improvement and disease prevention.
  • To collaborate with national and international institutions, organizations and agencies for training, research and public health services.


The department deliveries all its teaching activities at the premises of the College of Medicine. Theoretical part (Lectures, PBL, seminar, TBL, ….) take place in specified rooms. Laboratory sessions usually presented at well equipped physiology lab inside the college.



During the internship and throughout his medical practice in whatever specialty, graduates will be to understand physiological bases diseases and medical interventions. The graduates will also be ready for further specialization in physiology and related specialization like sport and exercise medicine (SEM), clinical physiology, and physiotherapy.






Ahmed Abdeltawab T. Abdellatif




Associate Professor

Heba Mohammed Galal

Assistant professor


Eman Rashwan Kadri

Assistant professor


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