University Mission: Providing Distinguished Education and Research Outcomes to Develop Community

College of Dentistry

College of Dentistry

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Vision, Mission and Objectives


To be a pioneer dental college nationally and internationally in the fields of dental 

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Qualifying and graduating professional competencies in dental science to serve the community and contribute effectively to scientific

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1. Rehabilitation and graduation of dentists with a high level of knowledge, knowledge and clinical skills to provide therapeutic services in all areas of oral and dental medicine.
2. Fill the labor

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College Statistics

College of Dentistry


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As a result of the development of the Al Jawf region, which encouraged the push for a change in university education at Al-Jouf University,

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Dean's Message

In the name of ALLAH, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful;  Praise be to ALLAH, and blessings and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of ALLAH .

Thanks to ALLAH The Almighty,  since the establishment of the College of Dentistry, Jouf University, the college was keen to be a distinct educational institution because it adopts More...