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  • Improve learning and education of pharmacology in integrative manner with basic medical sciences.
  • Develop a physician who is competent to prescribe safely and effectively
  • Enhance and improve research activities of the staff members



The vision of the department of pharmacology is to be a distinguished unit in the field of pharmacology and therapeutics in Saudi Arabia and abroad by providing excellent teaching and training of medical and graduate students.



  • Getting considerable knowledge of Pharmacology from the stand point of the actions, uses and side effects of drugs and in the prevention and treatment of diseases.
  • Learning drug-related -toxicity due to over dosage and how to manage.
  • Training the student on the self learning as well as problem solving procedures in order to continuously update their knowledge and skills.
  • Learning the ability to apply the pharmacological knowledge in the practice medicine.
  • Producing a skilled qualified physician able to solve the health problems in the community.
  • Establishing a mentally sound physician who can perform scientific research in health and medical field.


The department deliveries all its teaching activities at the premises of the College of Medicine. Theoretical part (Lectures, PBL, seminar, TBL, ….) take place in specified rooms. Laboratory sessions usually presented at well equipped pharmacology lab inside the college.                                                                                    


During the internship and throughout his medical practice in whatever specialty, graduates will be able to prescribe, monitor, follow-up, and adjust medication to patients. Graduates will also be ready to specialize clinical pharmacology and therapeutic.





Gomaa Mustafa Hedeab

Associate  professor


Mohammed Aboel-Khair Abdullah

Assistant Professor

Eman Hassan Nadwa

Assistant Professor