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Preparation Year for boys implemented the awareness counseling week for academic paths at JU

University Media:     The Deanship of the preparatory year for boys executed the awareness events guidance for academic paths Week in partnership with schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and engineering. So, students can... More ...


Gurayaat: Arts and Sciences College for Boys maintains a lecture on planning skills

University Media :       The College of Sciences and Arts in Algyrayaat for boys executed a lecture on a planning skills. During that, Dr. Rabee Shaaban from the department of Education and Psychology explained the importance of... More ...


Education College for girls is celebrating the World Quality Day

University Media :      The College of Education for girls celebrated the World Quality Day, where the unity of quality and academic accreditation made presentations variety about the concept of quality and principles and their... More ...


Preparation Year for Girls continue to activate the weekly diverse courses

University Media         Deanship of the preparatory year for girls continue the implementation of the weekly activities program from the activity plan of the first semester. Many activities are presented during the eighth week... More ...