College of Education

Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit


  • Implementing an effective quality assurance system in the College of Engineering. 
  • Spread the culture of quality and awareness of the importance of applying its mechanisms among faculty members. 
  • Training Professionals in the field of quality and its systems. 
  • Adapting self-assessment of performance as a measure for internal and external auditing.
  • Analyze the deficiencies in the college performance, proposing solutions and developing improvement plans in different areas.
  • Effectively communicating with the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation as a technical reference for the unit to ensure high quality.


  1. Drawing up general policies for quality development at the college level and submitting them to the College Council.
  2. Spreading the culture of quality assurance in the college and supporting the activities related to it.
  3. Supervising the academic evaluation and accreditation activities at the college.
  4. Following up the level of discipline and quality in the college and identify possible areas of improvement and propose the necessary projects.
  5. Proposing development plans and following up their implementation for each academic department.
  6. Supervising the preparation and processing of course files in each department.
  7. Receiving teams and academic accreditation bodies both inside and outside the university.
  8. Organizing lectures and educational workshops on the quality and academic accreditation of faculty members in the college.
  9. Hold periodic meetings to discuss how to apply the accreditation requirements of academic programs.
  10. Prepare periodic reports on the levels of performance in the departments and the level of satisfaction of the beneficiaries for each activity