College of Education

Graduate Studies Unit



  • To consider applications for the release of lecturers and lecturers and to verify the accreditation of the programs they wish to attend
  • Directing and sensitizing scholarship students to the scholarship program and assisting them in meeting the requirements of external scholarship.
  •  Development of a future plan for the programs of graduate studies in different fields (Diploma - Master - PhD)
  • Coordinating with the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university and informing all faculty members about all developments related to scientific research.
  • Study and identify the obstacles facing the conduct of scientific research faculty and ways of solving and resolving in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Encouraging faculty members and students in the faculty to scientific research at the individual and collective level.

List of Unit Members


The name


Dr. Said Ramadan

Supervisor of the unit

Dr. Amin Mohamed Sabry


Dr. Raed Mahmoud Salman

Member and Rapporteur

Dr. Roaa bint Abdullah Al Jaafari

Member and Coordinator of the unit in the student sections