College of Education

Academic Affairs Unit



  • Supervising on the conduct of the educational process in the college.
  • Coordinating with department chairs in all issues related to academic affairs.
  • Follow up the commitment of academic staff to the times of lectures.
  • Follow up the readiness of different educational tools in the college.




  1. Facilitate the communication between the Deanship of the College and the departments of the College.
  2. Respond to all inquiries received by the Academic Affairs Unit through mail, telephone or e-mail according to the rules and regulations.
  3.  To carry out the tasks and activities assigned by the Deanship of the College and to provide them with the required reports.
  4.  Follow up the work of academic committees within the college.
  5.  Follow up student excuses, delays and disciplinary cases in coordination with the units and committees concerned with the college.
  6.  Provide a database of departments, faculty members, programme and courses.
  7.  Participate in the reception and guidance of new students and introduce them to the College and its various departments, and follow-up issues and needs of academic students.
  8.  Participation in various activities in the college.
  9.  Supporting the quality and academic accreditation unit in its work.
  10.  Follow up the work of academic departments and faculty members and coordinate with them in the preparation of study schedules.
  11.  Working with the Deanship of the College and the academic departments to develop new programs and develop the curricula of the college in proportion to the need of the labor market.
  12.  Contributing to determining the requirements of faculty members and participating in the study of applications for employment.
  13.  Submit suggestions to the Deanship of the College about all that would promote the departments and college.
  14.  Work on the application of regulations, decisions and regulations for academic affairs in the College.

List of unit members


The name


Prof. Nael Mohammed Akhras

Supervisor of the unit

Dr. Saeed Ramadan Khudair


Dr. Mohamed Lakhdar Ruby

Member and Rapporteur

a. Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Quddous


Dr. Tahera Hassan Abdullah


a.Randa Hamoud Al-Oufi

Member and Coordinator of the female section