College of Education


        To be among the pioneers in the fields of teaching, learning and educational research at local, regional and global levels and to meet community needs.




     To prepare educational competencies that are capable to compete globally and contribute locally to building the knowledge society by providing a motivating learning and research-based environment in the light of community needs and the requirements of quality and academic accreditation standards.




  1. * To prepare leading educational competencies characterized distinguished with high-levels of knowledge, professional and research skills.
  2. * To provide an academic and educational environment that enhances learning, creativity and research production.
  3. * To hold effective partnerships with educational organizations and research centers locally and internationally.
  4. * To offer distinguished academic programs according to the quality and academic accreditation standards.
  5. * To contribute to the community service and development.


- Consolidation of Islamic Values.

- Leadership and Excellence.

- Originality and Creativity.

- Teamwork.

- Continuous Learning.