College of Arts and Sciences at Tabrjal

community service


This unit is concerned with planning and organizing the implementation of community service activities provided by the college and its employees in order to improve the educational services of the community and periodic evaluation of these services based on the views of the beneficiaries, to guide them to the needs of the community in the provinces served by the university.


Leadership in creating partnership and community development

Mission :

Creating community development and upgrading it to the highest levels by providing training and consultancy programs of outstanding standards and quality and providing a stimulating work environment and qualified faculty

Objectives :

Strengthening the local community's sense of the role of the College of Education in Al-Muzahmiyya at Shaqra University and its importance as a scientific educational institution, which encourages the community to work to support the college to achieve its goals

Strengthening the relationship between the college and the society in all its aspects to face the various needs and requirements through the introduction of programs and training courses that contribute to raising the efficiency of community members.

Contributing in spreading the correct Islamic culture, knowledge and scientific awareness to different sectors of society.

Providing scientific and professional consultations to various categories and bodies of the community to promote a specific work or solve a problem of the community.

Achieving patterns of effective partnership between different sectors of society.

Spreading the Islamic, health, cultural, social and educational awareness among members of the community in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

Provide an opportunity for experienced faculty members to benefit from different institutions and associations in various fields.

Encourage faculty members to participate in community service.

Community Service Tasks:

 Monitor, organize and document community service activities and develop them.

Urge faculty members to participate in community service activities.

 Follow up on documenting activities (such as consultations, therapeutic services, lectures, etc.)

 Issuing certificates of activity.

Receiving and documenting the forms of participation in a community service activity.

Prepare a report on community service activities and submit it to the Vice Dean.

Evaluating the college's participation in community service activities.

Assist the agent in planning and organizing everything that would facilitate the work of the unit.

  Community Service Committee

 Committee members

1. Dr. Firas Rababah, Assistant Professor, Islamic Studies Department
2. Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghorabi Assistant Professor Deputy - Department of Computer
3. Dr. Hamdi Khalifa Obaid Assistant Professor Member - Department of Arabic Language
4. Dr. Walid Afa Hadidi Assistant Professor Member - Department of Mathematics
5. Dr. Mohammed Abbas Assistant Professor Member - Department of Physics
6. Dr. Noureddine Hamed Professor, Member, Department of Business Administration
7. Dr. Alaa Hourani Assistant Professor Member - Department of English
8. Dr. Aisha Mohammed Assistant Professor Deputy - Department of Arabic
9. Dr. Fatima Masri Assistant Professor Member - Department of Arabic Language
10. Ms. Ayat Suleiman Sobeih Lecturer Member - Department of Computer Science 

 Activities and events

Title of activity

  Safe Educational Environment in Islamic Education

 7-8 / 2/1440

 Dr.. Abdalsalam Dardah  Free Membership


How to diagnose administrative problems and ways to treat them

 22 / zero / 1440

 Dr.. Ahmed Kasmi  Free Membership

 Dr.. Lotfi Chaabani

 Dr.. Waleed Loshan  Free Membership


 Recent experiments in activating school laboratories by exploiting local environment materials


 Dr.. Emad Ahmed Farrag