College of Arts and Sciences at Tabrjal




 Meeting the needs of the labor market at the regional, national and international level.


Familiarizing the college almunai with the needs of the labor market in a way that helps achieve the university vision.


  1. Training the college graduates to help them compete in the labor market.
  2. Notifying imminent graduates of the available mop opportunities.
  3. Coordinating efforts with the companies and private institutions to secure job opportunities for the college graduates.
  4. Winning the community confidence in issues related to employment.
  5. Promoting cooperation and partnership between the community and the professional institutions in order to create job opportunities for the college graduates.
  6. Promoting the values of excellence and competitiveness among the college graduates.
  7. Building a database of the college graduates (employment status, field of specialization, job interests, etc.,).
  8. Communicating with the college graduates in order to maintain a permanent link between them and the college.

Duties and Responsibilities

 Preparing alumni newsletter

  1. Setting a reliable mechanism for training and employing alumni
  2. Connecting the college alumni with the community and the labor market.
  3. Identifying the needs of the labor markets
  4. Forming consultancy committees including the stakeholders and the related professionals in the college.
  5. Organizing annual employment meeting .
  6. Writing periodical reports on the unit’s activities.
  7. Participating in the annual convocation.

Alumni follow up mechanism

  1. Preparing lists of the prospecting graduates
  2. Preparing a complete file for each graduate student.
  3. Organizing an annual meeting of the alumni

Alumni  unit structure

President of the alumni unit (in both women and men section)

Deputy presidents of the alumni unit

Coordinator of alumni programs

Representative of the alumni affairs

Representative of the college public relations

Representative of the quality unit.

Representative of the  graduating students ( from both male and female students)