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Dean's message

Praise be to Allah who taught human what he does not know, and peace and blessings upon his most honorable creation, our prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah and on his family and companions and those who follow him.

The College of Science is considered the "mother of colleges" due to the overlap of its basic sciences with the scientific disciplines of the other colleges Such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, agriculture, engineering and computers that requires attention to the quality of its performance and outputs. From this point of view, we had to apply quality standards in teaching and scientific research theoretically and practically in all its sections.

Therefore, our target is complete the establishment of laboratories with the latest capabilities of equipment, chemicals, etc to improve the student skills by training and practicing. Applying the practical study at the best level will qualify graduate students who will contribute in building this blessed country under the banner of Islam and behind the wise leaders, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and his faithful Crown Prince.

 May Allah guide us to achieve our goals successfully.


Dean of the College

Dr. Mosaed Alhumaimess