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Publication list of Dr. Nermen Mohamed Ali Mousa

  • Mohammad H. Abukhalil & Omnia E. Hussein & May Bin-Jumah & Sultan A. M. Saghir & Mousa O. Germoush & Hassan A. Elgebaly & Nermeen M. Mosa & Ismail Hamad & Moath M. Qarmush & Emad M. Hassanein & Emadeldin M. Kamel & Rene Hernandez-Bautista & Ayman M. Mahmoud. Farnesol attenuates oxidative stress and liver injury and modulates fatty acid synthase and acetyl-CoA carboxylase in high cholesterol-fed rats. Environ Sci. Pollut. Res., 2020; 27(24):30118-30132.
  • Hassan Elgebaly, 1 Mousa Germoush, 1 Nermeen Mosa, 1 Fatin Zahou, 1,2Ahmed Soffar, 3 Nasser Alotaibi, 4 Moath Qarmush, 5 Omnia Hussein, 6 May Bin-Jumah, 7 Emad Hassanein, 8 Rene Hernandez-Bautista and 5 Ayman M. Mahmoud. Adenium obesum Flowers Extract Mitigates Testicular Injury and Oxidative Stress in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rats. Int. J. Pharmacol., 16 (4): 310-318, 2020.
  • Khaled El-Massry, Ahmed El-Ghorab, Amr Farouk, Said Hamed, Hassan Elgebaly, Nermeen Mosa,Ibrahim Alsohaimi and Ayman Mahmoud. Microencapsulation of Date Seed Oil by Spray-drying for Stabilization of Olive Oil as a Functional Food, Asian Journal of Scientific Research , 2019; 12 (4): 516-523
  • Elgebaly HAMosa NMAllach MEl-Massry KFEl-Ghorab AHAl Hroob AMMahmoud AM.Olive oil and leaf extract prevent fluoxetine-induced hepatotoxicity by attenuating oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis. Biomed Pharmacother.,2018 (98): 446-453
  • Hassan A. Elgebaly and Nermeen M Mosa, (2017) Evaluation of protective role of olive oil and leaves extract on fluoextene induced hepatotoxicity in rats using biotechnological techniques.Abstract in Scientific Conference in Surface Science and Its Applications.
  • Hassan A. Elgebaly, Mousa O. Germoush, Nermeen M. Mosa, Amina C.Brahim. The Nephro-Protective Effects of Olive Oil and Bee Honey against Gentamicin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rabbits. Aljouf University Medical Journal (AUMJ), 2016 March1; 3(1): xx - xx
  • Samia Addou,, Amina Cherifa Brahim, Kenza Mouhali, Hassan Ali Elgebaly, Nermeen Mohamed Mosa, Omar Kheroua, Saidi Djamel. Soy Proteins and Cross-Reactivity. International Journal of Scientific Research in Knowledge, 4(1), pp. 001-008, 2016
  • Ayman M MahmoudMousa O Germoush, Hassan A Elgebaly, Khaled NM ElsayedSherif HassanNermeen M MousaOmnia E Hussein.  Antidiabetic and insulin sensitizing effects of Padina pavonia and Turbenaria ornata in streptozotocin/nicotinamide diabetic rats. Asian J Pharm Clin Res, Vol 7, Issue 4, 2014, 74-78.
  • C. Brahim, S. Addou, A. Merzoug, O. khéroua, D. Saidi, H.A. Elgebaly, N.M. Mosa. (2013): Interest of the hydrolyzed rice formulae in the coverage of the cow's milk allergy. American Journal of Nutrition ASN (Abstract)
  • M. Mosa, H. A. El Gebaly, A.C.Brahim: (2013): Chemopreventive effect of Curcumin American Journal of Nutrition ASN (Abstract)
  • Sanaa R. Abdel Aleem, Osama M. Ahmed and Nermeen M. Mosa: (2008) Chemopreventive effects of diallyl disulphide on CCl4-induced kidney injury and haematolohical disturbances in albino rats. Egyptain-German Union of Life Sciences Vol. (55C): Histology & Histochemistry, 389-419.
  •  Chemopreventive effects of diallyl disulphide on CCl4-induced liver injury in albino rats: (2008) Osama M. Ahmed, Sanaa R. Abdel Aleem, and Nermeen M. Mosa Egyptain-German Union of Life Sciences Vol. (56A): Comparative Physiology, 25-62.