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Vision & Mission and Objectives



To achieve leadership and excellence in providing high-quality academic education and research in the field of the Basic Sciences and related applications at the global level in order to meet the aspirations of the society.


To provide distinguished academic and research programs in the field of  the Basic Sciences and related applications in a motivating  environment for scientific research and innovation and to provide the community with knowledge and academic competencies that can meet the requirements of development.


    1.     To provide educational programs with effective outputs that can satisfy

              the academic standards and the requirements of the labor market.

    2.     To provide the Kingdom with its needs of qualified staff in

              the fields of basic sciences and their applications.

    3.      To enhance the research potential by providing advanced laboratories for

              various applied scientific research and studies through which the College

             can contribute to the service and development of the community.

    4.     To improve the performance of the administrative and technical staff

             in order to support the educational and research process.

    5.     To diversify the educational resources and to relate the academic

             concepts of students with the problems of the society and

              the surrounding  environment.

    6.     To update academic plans and programs of the basic sciences in

              accordance with the relevant international standards.

    7.     To improve the academic and research performance through

             scholarships or partnerships with other national and 

             international universities and sectors.

     8.     To establish postgraduate programs for various

              academic disciplines in the College.