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Electrical Engineering Department

Vision -Mission


Leadership in the electrical engineering field.


To prepare high quality electrical engineers with the ability to conduct scientific research and help in community services.



NCAAA Program Learning Outcomes
Policies and Regulations
Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objectives

The graduates of electrical engineering will have the following skills/attributes/capabilities within a few years after their graduation:

PEO-1. Serve competently in the national and international market/industry/academia by demonstrating high-quality knowledge and skills in the field of Electrical engineering.

PEO-2. Exhibit quest for learning and initiative through an elevation in education or growth in professional status.

PEO-3. Contribute as effective team members and managers in their organizations.

PEO-4. Demonstrate commitment to social responsibilities, moral/ethical values and community services.

Student Outcomes

The Student Outcomes for the EE program are listed below. The EE program follows the ABET Outcomes 1-7. The Electrical Engineering Program is committed to providing an educational experience in which students completing our program will have demonstrated the following student outcomes:

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