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Vision - Mission - Goals

Vision: Leadership in the civil engineering field.

Mission: To prepare high quality civil engineers with the ability to conduct scientific research and help in community services.

Goals: The graduates of civil engineering will have the following skills/attributes/capabilities within  a few years after their graduation:

  • PG-1. Graduates will meet or exceed the expectations of employers of civil engineers.
  • PG-2. Qualified graduates will pursue advanced study if they so desire.
  • PG-3. Graduates will pursue leadership positions in their profession and/or communities.


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Message of Head of the Civil Engineering Department

Message of Head of the Civil Engineering Department

All praises for Almighty Allah, blessings and peace be upon on Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions. It is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of my colleagues and employees of the Civil Engineering Department at Al-Jouf University. We are pleased to put in your hands the introductory guide for the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering program in which we hope that you will find everything that is useful and important to you.

The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the first scientific departments that was established in the College of Engineering to offer a Bachelor of Science program in Civil Engineering with highest standards. The Department of Civil Engineering at Al-Jouf University seeks to provide a distinct educational environment capable of preparing civil engineers with a high level of quality and efficiency by offering academic programs according to the latest study plans and ensuring that its students acquire various skills to enhance the process of distinguished scientific research and contribute to community service works. The department has distinguished faculty members in various civil engineering disciplines who work according to the vision and mission of the department in order to achieve the desired goals. In addition, Department of Civil Engineering has state of the art laboratories for various disciplines equipped with the latest devices that contribute directly to raising the efficiency and quality of the educational process.

The department is dedicated to ensure the quality of its programs and endeavor to continuous development and improvement in accordance with the latest international standards. In this regard, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering program has also obtained international academic accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The department is looking for more accreditations and everything that would contribute to improving and developing the department's programs in all aspects.

Head of the Department

Dr. Amjad Faisal Almatrood


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