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College of Computer and Information Sciences

About Us

After a careful study of the needs of the labor market, the College has established the Information Systems Department at the beginning of the year 1433/1434.

The Information Systems Department is one of the main departments in the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences. The specialization of information systems is the link between the disciplines of computer science and different fields of work. Through this department, students can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze, design, develop and operate information systems in any governmental or private organization.

The Information Systems Department provides the student with the scientific bases in the various fields of Information Systems that contribute to the presentation Scientific and authentic solutions serving multiple areas of the community. It was taken into account in the development of the curricula   combining theory and practice and the department seeks within the course of developing and updating the program plan to adopt the foundations and global standards in updating the study plan from specialized organizations in computing and information technology (IEEE / ACM).