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The Department of Computer Science was originally part of the College of Science; however, as computer sciences gained popularity, it spurred the demand for a separate College of Computer and Information Sciences.

The rapid development in the field of computer and information technology, specifically in the field of software and networks, has the greatest impact on our daily lives. As a result, the Department of Computer Science at Jouf University was established in response to these challenges and to develop concepts and theories related to computer science. We also provide the region with graduates who are scientifically and practically qualified and equipped with the latest practices in this field.

Students have to pass the preparatory year program with the required grades set by the department council to enroll in any computer sciences programs.

The College of Computer and Information Sciences awards a bachelor's degree in Computer Science after completing 133 credits of theoretical and practical courses. Students are required to start a project in their last year of study. The project is a degree requirement in which students analyze, design, and implement an application proposed by the student or faculty member. This project will require a knowledge base from the whole program of study.  

The department offers modern classrooms equipped with projectors, and computer labs equipped with the latest software for students' use.

The Department of Computer Science is also committed to help students achieve their own potential and develop their abilities by providing distinguished academic and research staff members with a sound, respectful, cooperative, committed, and serious educational environment that empowers them to be highly qualified professionals in their field. It seeks, in the context of developing and updating the program plan, to adopt the foundations and international standards in updating the study plan from organizations specialized in the field of computing and information technology. (IEEE/ACM)

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