College of Computer and Information Sciences

Bachelor in Computer Engineering and Networks


Program Information

Program Mission:

Preparation of qualified scientific cadres in the various fields of computer engineering and networks through innovative education and scientific research, which develop their creative and analytical abilities to serve the society.



 CEN Program Goals:

G.1 To prepare graduates who possess essential professional computer engineering and networks skills that make them confident to develop high quality engineering solutions.

G.2 To support faculty members to continuously develop their skills in computer engineering and networks.

G.3 To participate in the community development   by providing consultancies and services in the field of Computer Engineering and Networks.

G.4 To contribute effectively to the scientific research related to the field of Computer Engineering and Networks.


Graduate Attributes of the computer engineering and networks program:

P1. Apply the knowledge of computer engineering and networks in the design of computer-based systems that conform to given specifications and cost constraints, for solving related engineering problems,

P2. Work creatively, cooperatively and responsibly as a member of a professional team,

P3. Independently acquire and apply required information on contemporary computer engineering and networks issues, and become lifelong learners and contributors to the society,

P4. Communicate ideas effectively in written or verbal form, and also adhere to ethical requirement guiding professional engineering practice in a workplace,

P5. Adapt to transition from an academic environment to a career within corporation, organization and entrepreneurial, or research environment.

P6. Adhere to high scientific and societal values and norms and demonstrate commitment to Islamic values.

P7. Engage effectively in serving the community.