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Pathology Department


The mission of the Department of Pathology (Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pathology Units) is to provide the highest quality academic and laboratory education, training and research experience for medical students, graduate students and clinicians in different disciplines. A great emphasis is dedicated to the understanding of the biochemical, immunological, parasitological, mycological, bacteriological, virological, hematological, and histopathological aspects of the pathogenetic mechanisms in an integrated manner that suites the adopted Problem-Based Learning System of the College.  


The vision of the Department of Pathology is to achieve a recognizable leading excellence in lifelong pathology medical education and research both nationally and internationally, as an active participation in the strategic development programs of the college towards its recognition as a top medical school nationally, regionally and internationally. This utilizes up-to-date technological tools, and, education and research methods in the described pathological aspects of medicine to support the ongoing expansion of medical knowledge and services for the benefit of the community public health. We maximize our research efforts by encouraging both independent and collaborative research opportunities in a translational approach to bridge the gap between pure research and clinical application.


To help graduating a well-qualified competent medical graduate who is able to provide health service and to support continuing medical education and training, the department aims at:

  • Providing all the necessary facilities to train medical students, graduate students and clinicians by creating a distinctive scientific community, including appropriate qualified teachers and modern equipment in laboratories and classrooms and teaching aids on the highest international standards.
  • Providing the training programs for medical students, graduate students, fellowship candidates, clinicians, technicians and laboratory specialists in the different specialties of pathology: Histopathology, hematology, microbiology and clinical chemistry.
  • Encouraging and supporting scientific research and holding scientific discussion and meetings in all branches of pathology.
  • Improvement of the level of clinical laboratory services provided to the patients in the university hospitals.


Pathology department has three Units:

  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Pathology


The department deliveries all its teaching activities at the premises of the College of Medicine. Theoretical part (Lectures, PBL, seminar, TBL, ….) take place in specified rooms. Laboratory sessions usually presented at well equipped Microbiology, biochemistry, and pathology lab, with pathology museum inside the college. There is an advanced equipped research lab assigned for the department research \activities 


During the internship and throughout his medical practice in whatever specialty, graduates will be able to request and interpret routine lab investigations related to (microbiology, clinical chemistry, hematology, histopathology, and biochemical). Graduates will also be ready to specialize in any branch of pathology.






Ibrahim Abdelsalam Taher 


(Coordinator )

Microbiology Unit

Waleed Elawammy Mohammed

Assistant professor

Eman Elassayed Elmasry

Assistant professor

Ahmed Taha

Assistant professor

Abeer Ezzat Saad AboSaeed

Assistant professor

Amny Ghazy

Assistant professor

Biochemistry Unit

Rasha Lotfi Etewa


Tarik Hassan Elmetwaly


Alaa Abdelhameed

Assistant professor

Maysa Ahmed Abd El-Hamid Mobasher

Assistant professor


Manal Ewais Hassan

Assistant professor

Pathology Unit

Abdulrahman Hamdan Almaeen

Associate professor

Abdullah Rehman

Associate Professor

Farooq Ahmed Wani

Assistant professor

Ubaidullah Sayeed Mohammed

Assistant professor

Rihab Ibrahim Ali

Assistant professor

Aathar Mohammed Khalifa

Assistant professor

Nehal Sabri Mustafa

Assistant professor


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