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About the department:

Offer the most comprehensive pediatric care services ,  providing a full range of services solely dedicated to children



We provide hope, healing, and the best health care for children and their families.



  • Be recognized for providing advanced education and training for clinical providers
  • We will establish a national, regional and statewide child health system, promote a family-centered system of care and prevention, engage in the generation of new knowledge relevant to child health and well-being, educate physicians and other health professionals in the provision of care to children, and advocate for programs which will benefit children, families and communities



  • Family centered care that focuses on the need of the child first and values the family as an important member of the care team
  • Excellence in clinical care, service, and communication
  • Collaboration within our institution and with others who share our mission and goals
  • Leadership that sets the standard for pediatric health care today and innovations of the future

Accountability to our patients, community and each other for providing the best services in the most cost-effective way.

Education plan:

Course name

Course code

Intended students

Credit H



PED 431

Phase III, 5th Year


9 weeks




The department delivering its theoretical part and clinical skills session inside the premises of the College of Medicine, and the clinical part and bed-side teaching usually take place in Hospital in collaboration with ministry of health.



Graduates will spend 16 months for internship period through which they will spend two months training on basic pediatrics. During their residence, graduates will be handle cold cases and refer emergencies. They will be ready for further specialization in pediatrics and its subspecialties.


Ahmed Rushdy



Mohammed Shawki Elgarargy

Assistant professor

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