College of Medicine

obstetrics and Gynecology

About the department:

The philosophy of the department is to fulfill its mission of teaching and training medical students, providing postgraduate training for residents specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, providing excellent medical care for women’s reproductive and health care needs and conducting research into women’s health.



  • To provide an outstanding environment for undergraduate medical education in OB-GYN
  • To create and maintain an outstanding residency training program in OB-GYN
  • To provide a venue for continuing medical education for physicians in the area
  • To improve the health for those we serve with dedication to excellence



To be one of the outstanding academic departments of OB-GYN in the region, and a center of excellence for innovations in the fields of research, education, and clinical care.



  • Acquisition of basic knowledge of growth and development, and its clinical application from birth through adolescence and old age.
  • Acquisition of knowledge necessary for the diagnosis and management of Obstetrics and Gynecology diseases, complications and prevention.
  • An understanding of antecedents of health and diseases in women.
  • Development of communication skills that will facilitate the clinical interaction in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • Development of competency in physical examination of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Education plan:

  • Course code: OBGN 441
  • Intended students: Phase III, 5th
  • Credit Hours: 8 hrs
  • Duration: 8 weeks



The department delivering its theoretical part and clinical skills session inside the premises of the College of Medicine, and the clinical part and bed-side teaching usually takes place in Hospital in collaboration with ministry of health



Graduates will spend 16 months for internship period through which they will spend two months training on the basics of OBs & Gynae. During their residence, graduates will be handle cold cases and refer emergencies. They will be ready for further specialization in Obs& Gynae.


Maged ragheb elshamy

Professor (Coordinator)

Ibrahim Abdulkhalik Elbahlook

Associate Professor

Umme Salma

Associate Professor


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