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Family and Community Medicine


As a critical component, department of Family and Community Medicine will promote well being through provision of comprehensive, integrated and personalized care of individuals, families and communities. Care will be provided with attention of emotional, physical, social, educational and spiritual needs in a caring, compassionate and efficient manner. Department will strive to forge effective partnerships with local national and international stakeholders to progress at regional and national level as an institute of excellence in family and community medicine.



Excellence in education, research and innovative clinical practice to advance high quality patient-centered care based on priority health problems and countries expectation.



  • Recognize and practice the larger spectrum of interventions through their understanding of the interrelationship of factors influencing health and causing disease.
  • Understand the health system of Saudi Arabia with special emphasis on primary health care (PHC).
  • Recognize the needs of the elderly and for children under-five and measures to address them
  • Understand the importance of epidemiology in the practice of medicine and its need for comprehending medical literature for updating knowledge.
  • Plan and write a protocol and conduct a research study.
  • Apply holistic and comprehensive health care in the context of continuity of care and promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative care through an organized team approach.
  • Give the rationale for trained family physicians at the Primary Health Care level for improved health care.
  • Explain the extended role of family physician in providing care to individuals, families and communities

Education plan:

The department contributes in teaching of almost all blocks for the basic science (Phase II), however it delivers specialized longitudinal course according to this study plan:



Health & Illness in Community-1

HIC 211

2 h


1st Year

Health & Illness in Community-2

CMD 311

2 h


2nd Year

Health & Illness in Community-3

CMD 331

2 h


3rd Year

Family & Community Medicine

FCM 431

6 h

5 Weeks

5th Year


During the internship and throughout his medical practice in whatever specialty, graduates will be able to practice community oriented medicine and they can function very well in the Primary Healthcare Centers. Graduates will also be ready to specialize in family and community medicine and its subspecialties.





Ummar Farooq Dar

Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor

Doaa mazin Mohammed

Assistant Professor

Ayesha Mallick

Assistant Professor

Ahmad Al-Hazmi

Associate Professor

Rihab Ali Mohammed Ibrahim

Assistant Professor

Marwa Ahmed Abdel aziz

Assistant Professor

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