College of Medicine

Dean Message

In the name of Allah the Merciful

I am pleased to welcome you to the College of Medicine at Jouf University, which has now become a landmark in medical edifices. The college adopts its principles of using the latest scientific methods in teaching and scientific curricula developed for the graduation of doctors with high standards and high efficiency, under the supervision of a team of faculty members and all other human resources to work together as a team to achieve its vision and mission and the goals of the College.  The college is making a great effort to work to raise the level of the educational process and develop continuously and seek through ambitious future plans to open the doors of cooperation with prestigious universities and the Ministry of Health to exchange experiences and enhance the quality of the academic and clinical process. This shall contribute, in improving the outputs of education and training under the constant and continuous support from the senior management of the university and the leadership of our good government.


Dr. Abdulrahman Hamdan Almaeen

College of Medicine

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