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College of Dentistry

College of Dentistry

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Vision & Mission and Objectives


To be a pioneer dental college nationally and internationally in the fields of dental education and scientific research.


Qualifying and graduating professional competencies in dental science to serve the community and contribute effectively to scientific research through an environment conducive to education and dissemination of knowledge in dentistry.


Objectives of the College:

1. Rehabilitation and graduation of dentists with a high level of knowledge, knowledge and clinical skills to provide therapeutic services in all areas of oral and dental medicine.

2. Fill the labor market need of dentists.

3. Providing excellent treatment services to patients in all specialties of dentistry by students under the supervision of a team of professors with scientific and practical experience, and the use of modern techniques in the fields of treatment and diagnosis.

4. Spreading health awareness in society and prevention methods necessary to maintain oral and dental health.

5. Contributing to continuing medical education for dentists in the outskirts of our beloved Kingdom.

6. To create and support scientific research areas to find appropriate solutions to oral and dental health problems in society.

7. Providing medical and technical consultations to various sectors of the State.