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Radiology and Medical Imaging Department

The department aims at producing qualified medical technicians with the knowledge and skills that enable them to deal efficiently with the X-ray machines and medical imaging X-ray images and others  v kinds of machines. The Radiology and Medical Imaging integrate the specialized knowledge of the human body biological aspects of the progress of technical and engineering skills. And the department's programs seek  to prepare qualified students through well-planned educational programs including anatomy, histology, physiological, and pathological, applications of computer, and radiation physics.

Physiotherapy Department

The department aims at providing academic programs to produce qualified physiotherapists with the knowledge and skills that enable them to play an active role in health care. These programs cover the scientific aspects of theoretical and applied clinical included in well-organized cources, including applied physics,  neurobiology,  anatomy, and histology, biochemistry, diseases and biomechanics , surgery,  pharmacology, psychology, rehabilitation, sociology, psychology and physiotherapy, cardiac and respiratory therapy.

Department of Clinical Laboratories Sciences

This  department, Faculty of Science Al-Jouf  started since the year 1424/1425 AH, and then was merged with the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences after its inception, the department aims at training cadres of Saudi Arabia trained to do substantive work in medical laboratories clinical, educational and research through academic programs covering the scientific aspects of the theory and that are applied in many courses including: anatomy and histology, pathology and hematology diseases of tissues and cells, biochemistry and medical science, bacteria and fungi, virology, parasitology and immunology, epidemiology, cellular and molecular biology and enzymology, genetics and genetic engineering and laboratory management and safety. The department also aims at developing the technical work of the laboratory by holding training courses and workshops for professionals and laboratory technicians


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Nursing Department

Nursing department  is the most important sectors of human health, so the department aims at  preparing cadres of qualified academically and practically to meet the health needs changing to keep pace with the development of technical and scientific medicine and witnessed by the services. The Department seeks at  preparing qualified  students of both sexes with the necessary knowledge through the study of the foundations of anatomy, growth and development and Ozaúvaloeda and Medical Microbiology and Pathology and Epidemiology.  And the foundations of nutrition and science of medicine and the ethics of the nursing profession and science of the medical community and the foundations of health care and measurement medical and nursing mothers, children and nursing obstetrics and gynecology, nursing, medical, nursing, surgical and nursing critical and emergency Nursing, nursing internal medical and psychiatric nursing, mental health and nursing care, primary health, and is implemented educational programs of the department through decisions include anatomy, tissue, physiological, and pathological, Applied Mathematics in medical technology and the foundations of medicine and medical applications of computer,.