College of Applied Medical Sciences


College of Applied Medical Sciences, Sakaka holds an Awareness Campaign on the new nCoV-2019 Virus.

In accordance with the guidance of His Excellency, The president in charge of Jouf University, about the awareness campaign of the new Corona virus, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Sakaka organized a Corona virus awareness week under the kind supervision of His Excellency, Dean, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Shaiban and His Excellency the Vice Dean, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sarhani for both male and female students that included Lectures and Educational visits to contribute to raising community health awareness about coronavirus. Within the framework of this awareness campaign, the College held an awareness Lecture about the Corona virus on Sunday 15/6/1441 AH at the college theater. Lecture was given by Dr. Abuelgasim Al-gaili, from the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, speaking about the nature and structure of corona viruses, its mode of transmission to humans, sign and symptoms of the disease, and its prevention and control. He provides a scientific comparison between the previous types of corona viruses and the new version of the virus. He also explained the Epidemiology and Mortality rate of the virus by using the authentic and up to date published research data. He also discussed about the complications of the disease and the methods used for the detection the virus for its diagnosis. During the same lecture, Dr. Ahmed Al-Maslamani from the Nursing Department also talked about the treatment methods used to alleviate the symptoms of the disease. This informative lecture was attended by a large number of students and employees of the college. In conclusion, the students were given a chance to ask questions about this new virus in a scientific debate manner. Participants of this Lecture also display a number of awareness banners in the college lobby, which addressed the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in limiting the spread of the virus to the Kingdom, as well as the preventive measures that must be taken to prevent viruses and infectious diseases in accordance with the instructions and guidance of the Ministry of Health.