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Dean's Message


The citizen is responsible for what happens))

In our present day there is a lot of talk about the rights of citizens and the need to respect the principle of citizenship and this is a good behavior and there remains no disagreement about this, as countries are classified in terms of modernity and progress to the extent of respect for its citizens and achieve their aspirations and well-being.

In addition, the citizen has duties as well. One of the most important duties is to respect the regulations, preserve public property, distant from selfishness, opportunism or exploitation of the position, as well as adhere to religious education that is disciplined by the rules of Islamic law, and to make the luxury of life and fun and keep abreast of technology and information technology. And that the concept of life should not become limited to the concerns of money and work; relations and standards of living! Because this concept will result in a blind race to make money, fame and integrity by any means.

Among the modern means to gain fame is to quickly get the press through any subject even if it is at the expense of principles and homeland security. You may notice that we have (through smart communication devices) hundreds of thousands of news stations monitoring and accelerating to achieve the forefront of advertising; so every citizen has his own news channel.

In spite of all the above, we must look with hope and optimism that the good citizen and the great majority, thank God, contribute significantly and effectively to the renaissance of our country and they have many duties and hold on them the hopes for active and continuous contribution to achieve their hopes and deserve them.

Health services, quality of education, and other services of interest to the citizen need to develop continuously and requires the interaction of all and their understanding and commitment to the regulations and procedures of reform and respect and accept and bear the consequences; we cannot get health services and high-level education without the control of the outputs of education; this requires the interaction of the community with universities and the understanding of the citizen for educational policies that are ultimately designed to develop educational outcomes in order to reach the expected high goals and objectives.

 Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Suleiman Al Shaiban

Dean of Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences