College of Applied Medical Sciences

Vision & Mission and Objectives


Preparing and qualifying cadres capable of competing in applied medical specialties through the provision of academic and educational programs of high quality and conducting specialized scientific researches that conform to values and norms and meet with the developmental and health needs of society.


Excellence and leadership in education, training, scientific research and community service in the fields of applied medical sciences


1-Providing distinguished academic programs according to the needs of the labor market.

  1. Providing an academic and administrative environment conducive to obtaining scientific and medical knowledge.
  2. Preparing qualified health personnel capable of keeping abreast of modern scientific and medical developments.
  3. Providing the possibilities for conducting and disseminating applied medical research that contribute to scientific progress.
  4. Contribute effectively to the service and development of society.
  5. Attracting distinguished competencies in education and scientific research
  6. Establish the principles of total quality and achieve the requirements of academic accreditation


1-Consolidation of Islamic ethics in the ethics of the profession.

2-Leadership and excellence.

3-Creativity and innovation.

4- Community responsibility  and sustainable development.

5-Originality  and  excellence

6-Institutional work