College of Applied Medical Sciences in Al-qurayyat


Report of the program for receiving and preparing new students for the academic year 1442/1443 AH

The Academic Guidance Unit and the Student Activities Committee at the College of Applied Medical Sciences in Al-Qurayyat organized on Wednesday 24/1/1443 AH, corresponding to 1/9/2021 AD, reception and preparation activities for new students on the Blackboard platform of the Academic Guidance Division. The meeting began with a speech by His Excellency Dr. Badr bin Ali Al-Zahrani, Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences in Al-Qurayyat, in which he welcomed the faculty members, new students and attendees, and urged the students to strive hard in university life and wished them success and success. Then followed that up with a speech by Dr. Muhammad Nabil, the Academic Affairs Supervisor, in which he gave an introductory presentation about the college, and the scientific departments of the College of Applied Medical Sciences, how he explained the academic movements, study systems and regulations, and exams. Then Dr. Jaber Amin, supervisor of the Academic Advising Unit, explained during his speech the importance of academic guidance in the student’s university life, introducing students to the academic advisor and how to reach him and present his problem, either by visiting the academic advisor in his office or communicating with him through his address on the blackboard or submitting a request for guidance via the platform University Counseling Center on the university's website. The Student Activities Committee also presented its various programs and activities, inviting male and female students to participate, due to the importance of student activities in refining the students' personality and gaining confidence in themselves. After that, it was agreed to make an introductory tour of the physiotherapy laboratories, medical and nursing laboratories and the library, in which the students could get acquainted closely with the different devices and tools in these disciplines, accompanied by the faculty members in each specialization. The meeting ended with the thanks of the Dean to the faculty members And the students and the organizers of this meeting.


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  1. Physical therapy and Rehabilitation Department
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