College of Applied Medical Sciences in Al-qurayyat


The main aim of the college is to work according to the quality and accreditation standards of the higher education institutions. The College also seeks to provide 

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Vision, Mission and Objectives


To become a distinguished scientific institution in the field of Applied Medical

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Preparation of professional cadres characterized by a pioneering scientific structure in the field of applied medical sciences

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Implement the standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation at the institutional and program level Developing and improving

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Dean's Message

The College of Applied Medical Sciences aims at graduating qualified and distinguished medical staff to cover the needs of the


Latest News

A lecture entitled "Two Doses of the Corona Vaccine ... Guarantee of a Safe Return":

The Activities, Initiatives and Community Service Committee at the College of Applied Medical Sciences in Al-Qurayyat carried out a lecture entitled “Two Doses of the Corona Vaccine… Guarantee of a Safe Return”, which was presented by Dr. Mona Farouk Suleiman, Assistant Professor of Medical Microbiology, Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, via the blackboard platform on Monday 15-1 -1443 AH corresponding to August 23-2021 AD at nine o'clock in the evening. The lecture began with an introduction to the importance of vaccines and their important role in protecting against diseases, including viral diseases. It was explained how vaccines work as they stimulate the body to a safe immune response. This was followed by a detailed talk about the reasons for taking vaccinations in general and the Corona virus vaccine in particular, and the extent of protection provided by the vaccine to the person and those around him. As for the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, there was a list of the facts on this point and a response to the most common misinformation. In the same context, the scientific and global steps taken by the Food and Drug Authority in the Kingdom to adopt the vaccine and ensure its safety were clarified. At the end of the symposium, the side effects of the vaccine and how to deal with them were presented. The session concluded with the positives of receiving two doses of the Corona vaccine and that it is a guarantee for a safe return, with wishes to all of them for good health.