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College of Applied Medical Sciences in Al-qurayyat

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the Student Affairs Unit


The Student Affairs Unit at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in Al-Qurayyat, Al-Jouf University, is distinguished by its services and high level of care to provide the society with generations that are aware of its belonging to its homeland, its Arab and Islamic nation.

Contribute to the preparation of distinguished cadres, by investing leisure time, supporting and motivating outstanding talents, developing the spirit of positive and participatory, and promoting belonging to the homeland and adherence to Islamic norms and values.
1- Providing various student services in easy and easy ways.


2 - Working to adhere to the high Islamic behavior and ethics and the customs and traditions of good society.


3. Developing and strengthening the spirit of academic discipline and adherence to academic norms


4 - Supporting students with special needs in all possible ways and means.


5 - Contributing in the preparation of a balanced student figure by helping to create a sound and distinctive academic environment.


6 - Encourage students and endear them with university studies
1. Coordinating the college schedules


2. Connecting students with academic counselors


3. Connect the lecturers with the decisions


4. Coordination of lecture halls


5. Coordination of the final test rooms


6. Studying students' applications through the portal


7. Instructing students on the portal services


8. Print students' applications through the portal


9. Deliver student lists


10. Receipt of delivery of graduation documents


11. Receiving and delivering ATM cards to students


12. Receive and deliver university cards to students


13. Awareness and guidance of students in the university environment


14. Receive all student inquiries


15. Receive test results


16. Place ads for students


17. Solving the problems of new applicants who have problems registering.
E-mail the description The name a

 -Administrator ofStudent Affairs unit Officer

Bndr moazi alsharari



 - Member of Student Affairs Unit- Boys section

Mostafa mahmoud



 - Member of Student Affairs Unit- Boys section

Ahmed   soliman alruwaili




 -Member of StudentAffairs Unit- Girls section

Intisar Elshiekh Mohammed