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Central Examination Unit was established by an administrative decision to be responsible of the students Examination issues such as:

  • Advise the Assessment Committee and report on all matters;
  • Set principles and guidelines for exam policy;
  • Review examinations as developed by the individual disciplines;
  • Ensure alignment of proposed examinations with the competencies required by discipline.
  • Participate on Formal Review panels (appeals) for examinations when required.


The unit is interested in following up the tests on any subject related to the students who have a test for example: the specialized committees for the quizzes, the organization of the test committees, the distribution of observers at the time of the test, the receipt of test papers from other colleges, alternative tests.


- To become one of the most important units of the college that contribute to the excellence of the faculty in the academic and scientific fields.


- Contribute to the preparation of distinguished graduates at the local, regional and international levels through a system of assessment and exams developed according to the highest quality standards to achieve the educational outcomes targeted.


1- Provide technical support to the college to develop evaluation systems and examinations in coordination, supervision and follow-up with the scientific departments in the colleges.

2- To spread the culture of the evaluation system and raise awareness of the importance of its development as one of the entrances to improving the education system in general and awareness of the ethical Charter of the calendar in all its stages and areas and awareness of developments in it.

3 - Establishment and development of infrastructure in the College to use modern mechanisms for the management of assessment systems and examinations and the development of methods and means of evaluation and the use of modern methods of evaluation.

4- The unit adopts the establishment of question banks and their use in the evaluation processes.

5 - Preparation of evidence of the controls and standards necessary to ensure the quality of assessments and examinations based on the standard academic standards adopted by the College.

6 - Support the College to adopt electronic assessment systems and tests in the college program.

7 - Support the college to establish databases for the results of the examinations for all students and graduates in coordination with the Student Affairs Unit College.
8 - Training the faculty members and their assistants in the college, and preparing trainers in the field of assessment and examinations, through the preparation of training programs in the preparation of: assessment tools, the bank of questions, electronic exams and the ability to debug and other programs.

9- A number of academic and non-academic phenomena related to the development of the educational process have been monitored to provide some reliable indicators for appropriate management decisions.

10 - Review and prepare annual reports on the evaluation of the work of examinations in general and the results of students in particular, and the preparation of operational plans for the corrective actions of weaknesses and emphasis on strengthening the strengths.

11- To develop the mechanisms for communication between the unit and the evaluation units in other faculties, and benefit from their experiences, and circulate them among the evaluation units in the college and exchange experiences among them.


1- Educate and prepare students for tests.

2 - Participate in the development of a plan for the conduct of tests in college.
3 - Preparation and distribution of control tables and supervision of the halls.
4. Preparation of final test schedules.

5- Preparing the statements of students who are tested and deprived.
6 - Preparation of test halls, and the distribution of students in the halls.

7- Receive envelopes and questions from faculty members.
8 - Distribution of envelopes of questions to supervisors before the start of each exam period.

9 - Raising cases of fraud and initiating fraud to the Disciplinary Committee.
10 - Organization of the work of tests during the examination periods daily.
11 - Inform the faculty members of the mechanisms of monitoring grades.
12. Answer any questions about test regulations and regulations.
13. Review and audit of monitoring and collection.

14 - Statistical analysis of the results and submitted to His Excellency Dr. / Dean of the College.

15- Provide proposals for the development of performance, quality tests.
16. Participate in the preparation of the annual report of the College in respect of the quarterly and final tests.

Unit Staff

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Mr/Mostafa Mahmoued



Assistant professor


Dr/Gaber sayed amin



Assistant professor


Dr\Mahmmed Nabil



Assistant professor


Dr/ Elyesaa Elfaki



Assistant professor


Dr/Neveen Adel



Assistant professor


Dr/Samyea Hegazy



Assistant professor


Dr/Heba bahy eldein



Assistant professor


Dr/ Fatma Mahmoued



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