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E-learning and Distance Education Unit


E-learning and Distance Education unit was established by an administrative decision to support the development of educational process which the university witnessed in general and the college in particular, through the implementation of the latest means of e-learning and distance learning adopted in the best universities of the world.

Accelerated progress in e-learning and distance education has made information technology a very important means of advancing education through modern methods and is necessary to facilitate learning for those who wish and help them achieve their goals even with distance. E-learning is a great contribution to the development of the educational system. The e-learning and distance learning unit was established to provide technical and moral support to students in both the community and applied medical sciences in Al-Qaryat. The vision, mission and objectives of the Unit are summarized as follows:


Achieving leadership and excellence in the e-learning system and distance learning.


Activate the role of e-learning and distance education in the development of the educational process according to the latest technical principles to achieve quality standards.


1- Activating the system of e-learning and distance education in college

2- To spread the culture of e-learning among the members of society through the establishment of workshops and training courses.

3- Activating e-learning among students in electronic, integrated or regular courses.

4- Activating e-learning among faculty members to keep abreast of progress in this modern technology.

5 - Ensure the members of the faculty to access the system of e-learning and distance education

6 - Coordination of communication between the College and the dimensions of e-learning and distance education at the university.

7 - Implementation of the annual plan received from the Deanship of e-learning at the University

Unit Staff

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Coordinator of the unit

Assistant professor


Eman Fawzy Ahmed El Azab



Coordinator of male section


Ahmed Adam





Heba Abu Alrub





Anwar Najeh Abu Zaid




1. Preparation of the strategic plan of the unit.

2. Providing technical support to faculty members in the faculty.

3. Dissemination of e-learning culture among faculty members and students through seminars, workshops and so on.

4. Provide training courses for students to enable them to use the e-learning system in cooperation with the Deanship of e-learning and distance education at the university.

5. Follow-up of faculty members, and periodic reports on the extent of   activation of each member of the system of e-learning.

6. Follow up on contemporary developments in e-learning and seek to benefit from them.

7. Preparation of a quarterly report on what was accomplished during the semester, including the evaluation of electronic courses on the Blackboard.

8. Raise the assessments of faculty members at the end of each semester to the Deanship of e-learning.

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