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For the purpose of meaningful and constructive cooperation to serve the university, alumni and the community. Based on the directives of the university, a unit was set up to follow up the graduates to be the bridge of communication between the college and its graduates, following them and providing services aimed at raising their skills and developing their skills and guiding them to the labor market


   Excellence in service and follow-up college graduates.


    Enhancing communication between the college and its graduates by providing all the necessary resources and capabilities, and linking the college and the labor market with an integrated system of information that provides support and systematic development for graduates and facilitates their transition to the labor market.


1- Developing the skills and practical abilities of the graduates to suit the requirements of the labor market

2- Establish a database and information about the graduates of the college and the sectors related to the college's specializations and programs

3 - Communicate with the institutions of the community to coordinate with them on issues of employment and training for graduates

4- Providing graduates with the latest theoretical and practical concepts related to their specialties

5- Evaluating the level of graduates of the college after joining the labor market and determining the degree of satisfaction of civil society organizations about the quality of graduates of the college

6- Expanding partnerships with the employment and employment sectors to create suitable jobs for graduates


1- Preparing the graduate data form

2- Preparation of the work plan of the unit for each semester

3- Holding the forum of graduates annually to provide employment opportunities and solve the problems of graduates

4- Communicate and coordinate with the Graduate Follow-up Unit at the University's Agency for Educational Affairs

5- Conducting a field study and the use of various communication tools to contact employers and the extent of need for graduates of the College.

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Assistant Professor

Unit Supervisor

Dr. Ezeldine K Abdalhabib



Assistant Professor

Female Section Coordinator

Dr.Shereen Ahmed Elwasefy



Associate Professor


Dr, Khaled Zaki Fouda





Moustafa Mahmoud Abdelsadek Ahmed





Afnan Mosa Aelayyan





Hebattalla Moazz



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Alumni affairs Unit

College of Applied Medical Sciences Qurrayat

Int. No.: 6972


Registration of graduate data
coordinator message

In the interest of the Department of Applied Medical Sciences, represented by the Dean and Vice Dean of the College and based on the directives of the University to raise the level of efficiency of graduates and rehabilitation of the job market and follow-up their careers, has been established the Unit for Graduates Affairs to be a link to communicate fruitful and effective with graduates permanently and bridge communication between the College and sectors Civil society.

The unit also contributes to facilitating the transfer of graduates from the university educational environment to practical life. The unit also aims mainly at communicating with graduates and identifying their employers.

In addition to implementing the Deanship's directives to build channels of communication with the different workplaces to serve the graduates, the Alumni Unit is working diligently to create an environment for permanent interaction between the College and the labor market and to develop plans and mechanisms that help to meet the requirements of the labor market and its needs.

                                     Dr. Mohamed Nabil Mohamed

                                         Alumni Unit Supervisor

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