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The training program aims to refine the skills and knowledge of the trainee in various health fields. Where graduates who successfully complete the academic courses are enrolled in an excellence program during which they are qualified scientifically and professionally in their specializations in health facilities with a high level of training. The unit also seeks to develop the skills and capabilities of graduates to facilitate their involvement in the labor market.


Providing clinical training that contributes to providing the trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills in the various disciplines of applied medical sciences, in order to serve their community in the best way and to follow up graduates by getting job information, and receiving their suggestions about the programs development.


Enhancing the importance of clinical training for students by providing a high-quality training environment in cooperation with distinguished hospitals and enhancing the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market; and work on developing vocational skills and job qualification.


- Applying and developing the concepts acquired during the academic stage through training in health facilities.

- Increase the trainee's confidence in his abilities and enhance his skills in making appropriate decisions independently and consulting specialists when needed.

- Applying professional ethics and adhering to them in all dealings.

- Developing the desire to see what is new in the medical fields and developing the trainee's skills in various fields such as communication skills, presentation skills, administrative skills, and others.

- Developing the trainee's communication skills with his staff at the training site, as well as with patients and their families.

- Communicating with college graduates and organizing periodic meetings with them.

- Holding awareness and health events and inviting community members to participate in them.

- Measuring the extent of satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the college's graduates and the level of its outputs.

  • Determine the health facilities available for training and ensure their readiness to train students, as well as follow up on the training process.
  • Create a training file for each student expected to graduate at the end of the semester.
  • Determining the desires of students expected to graduate by the end of the semester to perform the internship period, as well as scheduling the training for each semester.
  • Compilation and examination of evaluation files for each student.
  • Issuing a certificate of completion of the internship period and handing over the documents for each student who passed the graduation requirements (graduate).
  • Creating a database of college graduates as well as a database of beneficiaries (employers).
  • Follow-up of graduates, increase liaison and communication with them, and involve them in the process of developing academic programs and courses.
  • Emphasizing the principle of community participation between health facilities and education communities interested in education.
  • Coordinating between departments with regard to preparing male and female students for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties exam and issuing the Commission's test statement.
  • Carrying out the tasks entrusted by the Dean of the College.
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Assistant Professor

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Dr. Ezeldine K Abdalhabib



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Dr.Shereen Ahmed Elwasefy



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Dr, Khaled Zaki Fouda





Moustafa Mahmoud Abdelsadek Ahmed





Afnan Mosa Aelayyan





Hebattalla Moazz



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