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The nursing program offers a four-year theoretical and practical study in the classroom system (eight levels), followed by one year internship program in health services, after which the student receives a bachelor's degree in nursing; to practice the profession as a nursing specialist.

The Department of nursing offers a four-year baccalaureate program with an emphasis on creativity and disseminating knowledge necessary for providing nursing services to clients of different backgrounds. Both didactic and clinical courses provide students opportunities to learn and to explore the benefits of the nursing profession.


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Nursing program









Vision - Mission - Objectives
Program Outcomes

We envision that upon successful completion of our program, students will be able to:  
1. Integrate a variety of knowledge and skills to solve clients’ health problems. 
2. Implement core fundamental nursing skills according to clients’ health needs.
3. Utilize communication skills to build therapeutic relationships.
4. Apply the nursing process based on critical thinking and scientific knowledge.
5. Explain the importance of interdisciplinary activities in solving client problems.
6. Incorporate nursing professional standards, code of ethics, and related laws to nursing practice.
7. Develop nursing leadership in nursing practice settings.
8. Plan and conduct nursing research.
9. Analyze changes in national and international health care policy.
10. Practice global servant leadership.

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Samya Mohamed Ahmed Hegazy

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Pediatric Nursing




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One of the indicators of civilization at any country is development of the educational and health sectors.   In Saudi Arabia a noticed progress can be observed in both sectors for these reasons many colleges of nursing was established for the purpose of graduation of highly qualified nursing practitioners. The study in the nursing department consists of 8 levels during which students study variant courses either theoretical or practical and a final internship year. After this graduated nursing practitioners can be enrolled in the health sector and enriching the health care system in Saudi Arabia.

nursing department labs
  1. medical surgical lab
  2. First aid lab
  3. Pediatric nursing lab
  4. Obstetric lab
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Benefits of studying in the Department of Nursing

The profession of nursing is one of the difficult and great professions, because it greatly contributes to providing all the necessary medical services to the patient. There are many advantages to a nursing profession. As it benefits its workers, patients and society as a whole, and among its most important features:

  • The nursing person can help himself and others solve many health problems.
  • The nursing profession helps the holder to gain extensive life experiences; As a result of his dealings with all classes of society
  • Nursing works to provide comprehensive care in the medical field to all individuals, whether this care is physical, social or spiritual
  • Nursing guides the patient and all his family members to follow the correct health teachings in order to treat the patient, improve his health, and protect everyone from various diseases.
  • Nursing relieves patients' suffering and works to alleviate the various pain they feel
  • Nursing maintains patients' secrets and does not share them with others within or outside the business.
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