College of Applied Medical Sciences in Al-qurayyat

Disciplinary Committee for Students

Organizational Link

The committee follows the organizational unit of tests in college.

  1. Control the behavior of students and the like in the college.
  2. Reclaiming the students and students of the violators and addressing their behavior in the available pedagogical methods.
  3. Sign disciplinary penalties for students and students who violate the laws and regulations in force at the university after the work of the lecturer and submitted to the Standing Committee to discipline students at the university.

1.    Consideration of the violations referred by the Deanship of the College or one of the heads of departments or faculty members of the faculty.

2.    Control the behavior of students within the College or at any of its facilities.

3.    Improve the behavior of students and students in violation and treatment methods available at the college.

4.    Follow-up the implementation of disciplinary sanctions on students and students who violate the tests or in others approved by the Standing Committee for Training at the University.

5.    Raising its decisions to the Dean of the College for the promotion to the competent authority.

College Department

  1. Physical therapy and Rehabilitation Department
  2. Clinical laboratory sciences Department
  3. Nursing Department

Contact informations

phone No.: 0096646432116

Fax No.: 0096646432445