College of Applied Medical Sciences in Al-qurayyat

Committee to follow up and coordinate the student scientific conference in the college


- Motivate students to participate and provide them with the necessary support.
- Holding a workshop and an introduction forum for male and female students about the scientific conference, as well as developing the research skills of the participants.
- Encourage the scientific departments to participate and supervise the posts.
- Announcing the work of the conference and its conditions, and providing the committees with all updates on them.
- Receiving students and answering their inquiries.
- Receiving a copy of the electronic registration form and verifying the correctness of the data (providing assistance with electronic registration).
- Receiving a copy of the electronic participation decision and verifying the validity of the data.
- Receiving student participation and directing the participation of the concerned departments in the college to the scientific committee in the departments.
- Directing the request for posts outside the college specializations to the Dean to submit it to the competent authority in the university.
- Studying the difficulties facing the functioning of the committee and reporting them to the Dean to take the necessary measures to overcome them.
- Submitting a report on the work progress of the committee to the Dean on a regular basis.

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