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To become a student distinguished intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially, and has a prominent role in community service.


Preparation of cadres of students have the ability to interact with society and the environment in all aspects of life, characterized by dependence on  Self-responsibility and capable of leadership skills and constructive cooperation to achieve community development.


Activity achieves the following objectives:1 / Develop the student's ability to interact with the community and the environment in which he lives in order to achieve proper adjustment.2 / Strengthening the educational aspects, and translated into action and behavior.3 / Training the student on how to invest leisure time to meet his spiritual, social and psychological needs and develop his experience and enrich his culture and activate his creative abilities.4/ Accustom students self-reliance, responsibility, development of leadership skills, respect for others and constructive cooperation. To balance the requirements of the soul and its intellectual, spiritual, physical and social needs. 5 / Interaction with the faculty member as a brother and friend outside the academic atmosphere, which strengthens and strengthens and supports the confidence between them. 6 / Participation of faculty members, the Deanship, the Agency and all staff members contribute to strengthening social relations and remove the barriers of communication and this is reflected in the quality of the educational and administrative process. All this highlights the role of the college in the community.

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