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Committee for excuses of students

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1- The committee follows the Central exam Unit at the college.


1- Assist the various scientific departments in dealing with the conditions of students who are dismissed according to the rules and regulations in force at the university.

 2-   Recommending that students who are academically disabled (dismissed, apologized, cut off) be given the opportunity to return to university and complete the remainder of their study plan..

3- Studying of students' excuses in cases of failure to attend the final tests in accordance with the regulations and conditions stipulated by the university and recommending the re-testing in cases of compliance with the required conditions


4- Recommending the lifting of the deprivation of students who have exceeded the proportion of their absence from lectures by more than 25% of the total hours of the course and less than 50% of those who have an official excuse to enter the final exams.


1-Follow-up of students' attendance and identification of those deprived of them in case of passing the specified absence rate of 25%.


2-Consider student excuses for absenteeism and not attending exams.

3- Consider requests for withdrawal from the course and apologize for the study.


4- Follow up students and communicate with them through bulletin boards and the Blackboard system..

 5- Maintain the Committee's official records and provide a copy of the Dean of the College.

6-Receive students' excuses, sort them and complete their requirements from the academic system such as printing absence days, academic records and student schedules.

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