Tabrjal Community College

Dean’s Message


Dr. Hamoud Alshammari

In the name of Allah

The college started its academic programs in(1433-1434 H) to be one of the basic grounds in Jouf University. It has eight departments along with several supporting units which all together form this big academic institution with great vision, valuable mission, and clear objectives.

By cooperation with other colleges, this college supports scientific departments to excel in performance and maintain sustainable development. The college brought in an elite group of faculty members and designed its programs according to high quality standards as well, which had the college keep up with the modern technological advances. Great progress has been achieved in various ways of e-learning in order to prepare highly qualified potentials who can take social responsibilities and supporting the national economy.

Jouf University will always be in debt for its rational and wise administration and the continues unlimited support from His Majesty, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud –may Allah bless him. They have shown all kinds of support by providing all modern services and means of modern technology aids both auditory and visual, so this blessed college will improve and play its significant role in both the academic and social domains.

Finally, I would like to give our dearest students a piece of advice to do their best to learn and to show great motivation, determination, and enthusiasm in order to live up both their own expectations and their nation’s as well.

May Allah grant success for all….