Tabrjal Community College

College Committees

Community services


This committee is responsible for planning and organizing the activities of the community services which are provided by the college and its employees in order to improve the educational services of the community and periodically evaluate these services based on the views of the beneficiaries, to direct these services to the needs of the community in the governorates served by the university.

 Vision of the Committee:

 Leadership in partnership and community development

 The Committee's Message:

 Creating community development and upgrading it to the highest levels through providing training and advisory programs with outstanding standards and quality, providing a stimulating work environment and qualified faculty members.

Student’s activities


To create a generation that is distinguished scientifically, mathematically, skillfully and creatively with the ability to achieve the aspirations of the university and society together in innovation, leadership and knowledge.

Timetable and examination


Develop the assessment and examinations system to achieve the educational outputs assigned to the academic programs of the college in accordance with academic standards and improve the level of students as a requirement of quality and accreditation.


The mission of the committee is to evaluate students and exams as well to ensure and apply quality standards in all examination procedures in order to achieve the educational outputs assigned to the academic programs and ensure that the graduates are able to compete globally and gain the confidence of the beneficiaries in the labor market and community service.


Establish question banks and use them in the evaluation processes of the programs at the college.

Prepare manuals with necessary controls and standards to ensure the quality of assessments and examinations processes.

Support the college to establish databases for the results of the examinations for all students and graduates in coordination with the systems of preparing the databases of the branch.

Train the faculty members and their assistants in the college and prepare the trainers in the field of assessment and examinations through training programs in the preparation of assessment tools, question banks, electronic exams and other programs.

Conduct actual studies and scientific researches on a number of academic and non-academic phenomena related to the development of the educational process in order to provide some indicators that can be relied upon in making appropriate administrative decisions.


The values ​​of the committee derive from the true Islamic values ​​originating from the Islamic faith of which the most important is honesty, credibility, justice and equality among all students, taking into account the individual differences to prepare the appropriate educational atmosphere for the successful examination processes.

Strategic planning

Duties of the committee

Follow up the implementation of the strategic plan of the college.

Follow up the implementation of the College's executive plan.

Update the vision, mission and strategic goals of the college and publish them on printable shapes of banners and brochures.

Prepare the regulations and tasks for all committees and units in both campuses (male and female campuses).

Develop a plan to train students in the field outside the university.

Evaluate the executive College Plan for the year 1440H.

Determine specific criteria for the selection of chairmen of committees and units

Study Plans and Programs


Develop plans and curricula that equipped graduates with the proper knowledge, skills and abilities to be capable of performing their future jobs efficiently and effectively, and to be real competitors in the Saudi labor market.


Our main mission is to develop students' knowledge, skills and abilities through the development of courses and their contents in order to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities by coordinating related efforts within and outside the college and the university.

Advisory Committee

Based on the vision of the college that is originating from the comprehensive concepts of educational quality to match the educational outputs of the labor market in the region, advisory committee of the college was formed to consist of several members from public and private sectors. The tasks of this committee are as follows:


Activate the college's role in the region and promote its academic programs.

Document the partnership between the college and both the public and private sectors.

Activate the concepts of comprehensive educational quality in the outputs of the college.

Provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in the field.

Develop curricula and academic programs based on the needs of actual business sectors.

Stimulate public and private sector representatives to attract college graduates.

Search for modern methods to support the college financially and morally.

Improve research methods to serve the local business sectors.

Study the work environment and employment through the optimization of Saudization programs in the public and private sectors.

Future goals •  The College should become a center for the development of scientific, cognitive and research creativity.  Current goals •      Preserving the Islamic identity and promote patriotism among students.  •  Achieving the comprehensive quality standard