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English Language Department


Admission to the Department for students of secondary school students has been in accordance with the conditions determined by the University Council. The Department of English offers a transitional program consisting of a series of courses aimed at developing basic English language skills: reading skills, writing skills, listening skills, and conversational skills. The department also stimulates creative thinking among students at all levels benefiting from ethics and culture of other nations and compatible with our Islamic culture and achieving its objectives.


Achieving Leadership and excellence of teaching English language according to a scientific approach that keeps up with developments in the Arab world, where the department is a pioneer in the scientific and applied aspects.


To confirm plans, programs and research that conform to quality standards and academic accreditation in order to prepare national competencies specialized in English language and literature contributing to the service of local and regional community.


  • To develop students' language and communication skills through the use of methods supported theoretically and technically for language acquisition in writing, reading and speaking.
  • To enhance the critical and creative thinking skills of students and developing their research capabilities in the field of specialization.
  • To interact and build partnership with the public and private sectors through conducting studies and providing counseling in teaching English and linguistics and conducting literary and cultural studies in the field of specialization.
  • To encourage critical understanding of the English-speaking world's thought and cultures and open channels of cultural dialogue with English-speaking nations and peoples.
  • To conduct theoretical and applied research and comparisons in the fields of English language, literature, linguistics and translation.


The Study Plane of Transitional Diploma in English Language:

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English language Program Specification

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English language Course Specification

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Department of Applied and Natural Sciences


The department currently includes the computer science and information specialization within the transitional track. The department started working from the first semester of the academic year 1432 / 1433H. The department aims at preparing students who are able to use the computer and knowledge of its applications effectively by providing them with basic skills. It also allows them to complete their university studies to obtain a bachelor's degree in the corresponding sections at the university after finishing the program requirements. As the program within the transitional program, the vision, mission and objectives of the department correspond to the vision, mission and objectives of the corresponding section of the university, as follows:


    The College looks forward providing distinct and outstanding opportunities of teaching and learning for the high school graduates. It also looks forward excellence in the scientific research and the local community service.


    Help students to complete their studies for a bachelor's degree, and to respond to the needs of the labor market, and to contribute to the community needs.


  • Performance compliance with NCAAA standards.
  • To foster students’ intellectual skills by acquiring fundamental knowledge of sciences.
  • To prepare students to the job market needs.
  • Providing an opportunity for the greatest number of students to complete their studies to obtain a bachelor's degree.


 Study Plan for the Transitional Diploma Program  in Computer Science :

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Computer Science Program Specifications

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Computer Science Course Specifications

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Department of Administrative and Human Sciences


 The Department of Administrative and Human Sciences at the Community College in Skaka was activated in the departments of male and female students starting from the first semester of the academic year 1434/1430 AH, where a qualifying program was developed in human resources management, but the admission was stopped. Another rehabilitation program in financial administration was activated starting from the first semester of the academic year 1435/1436 AH.


 Achieving a competitive local and international position in the field of administrative sciences with all its specialties of administrative production, marketing, finance and information systems and human materials.


 To develop and improve the level of graduates, to be at a high level of training and education to meet the needs of the community of specialized cadres, to meet the requirements of the labor market, and the needs of the educational and development community.


 To prepare qualified graduates for the labor market.

  • To pursue and persevere in achieving the international and local accreditation criteria for the financial management program.
  • To provide an academic environment conducive to excellence.
  • To build an effective community partnership.
  • To encourage scientific research in the field of specialization.


Study Plan of Qualifying Diploma in Financial Management Program:

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Financial Management Program Specification

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Financial Management course Specification

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